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hopeful Latinx Black immunocompromised resilient at-risk elderly

Food Pantry Delivers Reassurance for HIV Patients

For more than three decades, the CARE Center at St. Mary Medical Center in Long Beach has offered a food pantry for HIV patients.

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Health Equity

Righting the Health Equity Wrongs That COVID-19 Exposed

COVID-19 has not only exposed existing health inequities; it has exacerbated them. Black and Latinx Californians make up a disproportionate number of both the total number of COVID-19 cases...

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20,000 Vulnerable LA Residents Vaccinated for COVID-19 in 5-Day Clinic

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged last fall and winter, case rates among California’s Latino and Black residents outpaced rates among the general public, underscoring health equity disparities that impact...

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Community-Based Efforts Key to Providing COVID-19 Vaccinations to California’s 400,000 Farmworkers

For more than a year, through all the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, California’s more than 400,000 farmworkers never stopped showing up for work. They’ve continued picking...

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